Helpful hints to optimize your hairdressing experience:

Arriving a few minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment is highly recommended.  This gives you time to check in, use the facilities or enjoy a hot beverage on us.

If there is a look you come across a magazine or a particular photo you are drawn to, please bring it in and share it with your stylist.  This helps us become familiar with your individual preferences and will assist your stylist in constructing the right look for you.

Inform your stylist of particular hair habits you may have (i.e. tucking your hair behind your ears, or ponytails).  Taking your habits into consideration will only enhance our approach when dealing with your hair.

Update your hair products!  We're always happy to recommend products that will assist you in achieving your desired finish and maintain your look at home.

To book an appointment, or for information on our policies regarding cancelled appointments and/or children at the salon, please click here.